Call: +44 (0) 1865 261 431 or email:

Call: +44 (0) 1865 261 431
or email:

Discreet and Independent Expertise

Resolving issues for owners, operators, occupiers of commercial real estate, PPP/PFI projects, outsourced facilities management.

We are trusted to handle sensitive, pressing challenges and projects for our clients such as:

  • owners seeking to protect asset values and building condition,
  • occupiers- tenants seeking contract and lease relief and renegotiation,
  • operators -building service providers under pressure from prevailing changing conditions and expectations
  • with legal services or pre-legal, dispute resolution – pragmatic, technical, forensic and hands-on

We know which stones to turn with many years of experience protecting clients’ interests at the coal face of the property industry, inside the buildings and knowing their histories.

We can protect ongoing day to day business by revealing the impact of and on all the parties in real estate and property interests such as owners, operators and occupiers.

We preserve and recover asset values, reduce costs, anticipate risk and liabilities to protect reputations.

We stay with projects to implement solutions as well as investigate, build recovery plans and identify real-world options.

Pandemic Response
Censervit can assist companies in their effective responses, in compliance and service and building adaption to the pandemic and the consequences.