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Call: +44 (0) 1865 261 431
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How We Do It


This phase of Improvement is in effect the implementation or execution of the activities which deploy the agreed options or solutions in our clients businesses.

We provide our customer with a summary of the Assessment and Discovery phases as a key output.

We have the people and skills to undertake this stage using a traditional project management approach which involves; managing resources, following processes and distributing information as well as measuring and monitoring progress to a successful conclusion. Alternatively, we can design the programme that the client can deploy using their own internal resources and simply oversee the activity on their behalf.

Before closing out the project, our team ensures that it meets its goals or determines, along with key stakeholders, that those goals no longer apply. We compare progress with the scope agreed at the outset. This tells us how well the project has performed — and if there’s still work to do. We then discuss findings with the stakeholders to make sure that we reach consensus with them on how “finished” the project is.

In all cases this phase concerns building and implementing the solutions that achieve the client’s objectives.