Call: +44 (0) 1865 261 431 or email:

Call: +44 (0) 1865 261 431
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Censervit is a team of like-minded people from many different areas of experience, backgrounds and locations. We have established a way of working that delivers value to our clients with a structured approach that builds reciprocal trust.

Leading assignments in the sectors where we work is challenging and requires courage, as well as expertise. Nevertheless, we approach all our assignments as a team, supporting the project lead, as this delivers consistency without diluting our ability for robust engagement in challenging circumstances. Each of our associates has a track record of working in executive roles over several years, in one or more of the areas of our business where we offer services.

If you would be interested in working in such a team, please make contact with us; don’t send a CV though, just yet! We take a while to get to know people which is best for us, you and of course our clients. We have a way of working together which offers and asks for commitment; we are not a large employer.

If you have assignments with a client which you either cannot resource or fulfil yourself or where you need an umbrella organisation for reasons such as supply chain registration, let us know too. We work on many such projects and have established working partnerships with introducers in UK, Europe, Middle East, America and Asia.