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Call: +44 (0) 1865 261 431
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PFI/PPP Contracts and Handover

PFI Handback

There are currently some 700 live PFI contracts in the UK and during the next 10 years 150 of these will reach their expiry and hand back deadline. The experience to date of PFI hardback has not been good and of those which have already taken place, none can be deemed successful.

We anticipate that if not properly planned, the impending  expiries will bring uncertainty and risk not only to clients and authorities involved, but to investors and operators. We are able to support the process to anticipate, plan and implement measures to minimise disruption to services.

The hand back is complex and carries many potential risks including asset, capital and performance charges and we consider that an early start, as many as seven years prior to concession end, is required for successful transition.

Owners, Occupiers and Operators can all benefit from our insights.

  • Understand Client Needs
  • Alignment of Goals and Objectives
  • Regular Communication and Review
  • Openness and Honesty
  • Responsive and Flexible
  • Supportive